“FIN” Movie Premiere Next Week in Toronto!

Adam Booth as "Fin".

I’m excited that “Fin” will be premièring in Toronto next week ahead of its September ‘Festival Tour’ run. “Fin” was just announced as an official selection of the 18th Annual Temecula Valley Int’l Film & Music Festival in California.

From the website:

“Fin is the story of undiagnosed mental illness. It is the story of a man spiralling into the depths of insanity and desperately trying to hide it from the rest of the world. As it becomes harder to hide he is forced to confront the mysterious interloper that pervades his mind.”

I wish great things for this project as everyone involved was super passionate about making it!

Adam Booth went through an amazing transformation to become Fin.” © 2014 you+me (by permission)

Director Dan Slater sets the scene. (L to R) Derek Herd, Dan Slater, Myranda Jade & Samuel Earle (of Degrassi fame). © 2014 you+me (by permission)

Derek Herd in “Fin”. © 2014 you+me (by permission)

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