First Sketch of The New Year

Draake Herd's Daily Sketch - January 1st 2014

Draake Herd's Daily Sketch - January 1st 2014

My New Year’s resolution? Pick up the pencil EVERY day for at least five minutes. Sounds easy enough… but last year I wasn’t even close and I amĀ embarrassed about that. One thing that I enjoy most about looking at my finished work and the work of other artists? Comparing the thumbnails versus the final product. Sometimes I enjoy the thumbnails more than the final result. I think they are elegantly simple, they tell a story and show the creative choices the artist took on the road to the final work. They must be viewed with the final product however or they aren’t nearly as interesting. So that said here was the thumbnail I did for this sketch on the back of an envelope.

Thumbnail for Draake Herd's Daily Sketch - January 1st 2014

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