Marc Andre Debruyne Up For Two MMVAs

Marc Andre Debruyne celebrating his DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR’ win at the MMVAs 2012. Marc recently celebrated a milestone - directing his 100th music video. Photo (c) 2012 TheNE

Fingers are crossed this Sunday for director and all around nice guy Marc Andre Debruyne. Marc is once again nominated at this year’s Much Music Video Awards (live June 16th 2013 -9pm Eastern). I worked with Marc in 2010 (Chris Labelle’s ‘Living On A Long Shot’) and once again in 2012 (Alyssa Reid’s ‘Talk Me Down’). That year Marc won ‘DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR’ at the Much Music Video Awards 2012. This year he is nominated twice; ‘DIRECTOR – POP VIDEO OF THE YEAR’ and ‘DIRECTOR – MUCHFACT VIDEO OF THE YEAR’. Best of luck at the MMVAs Marc Andre!

Marc Andre Debruyne directing me behind the scenes of Alyssa Reid’s ‘Talk Me Down’ video. I’m to the left wearing a lovely teacher vest - slightly washed out from the giant set light. I have played many roles but let me tell you, playing a teacher at a high school scared the hell out of me. Photo (c) 2012 TheNE

Click on above photo to watch Draake in the Alyssa Reid video “Talk Me Down” Directed by Marc Andre Debruyne.

Click on above photo to watch Draake in the Chris Labelle (Canadian Idol) video “Living On A Long Shot” Directed by Marc Andre Debruyne.

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