My Nova Heart

Draake Herd and Gordon Deppe

Well my birthday is coming up in a few days and I guess you can’t help feel a little mortal. I had the pleasure to catch up with Gordon Deppe (of ‘The Spoons’) a few months ago. We got talking about ‘Nova Heart’ and I was like “…that song will forever be the greatest new wave song ever to come out of Canada.” He looked at me and said “You know I wrote that song over 30 years ago.” I was aghast and about to say “30 Years? Not possible brother!” however I remembered that I was in fact talking to Gordon. I said nothing; my nova heart sank a little and I took a sip of my beer. Gordon seemed to understand.

For any one under 30 – click on the photo below and watch the video of a song way ahead of it’s time.



The Spoons "Nova Heart"



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