On Set of “No Deposit” In Hamilton

The talented Eric Roberts and Derek Herd having some fun on the set of "No Deposit" shooting in Hamilton, Ontario.

Had a great time shooting the film “No Deposit” recently in Hamilton, Ontario. Michael Madsen, Paul Sorvino, Peter Coyote, Doris Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Pare & Eric Roberts are just a few of the amazing cast members on this film directed by the accomplished Frank D’Angelo.


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“FIN” Movie Premiere Next Week in Toronto!

Adam Booth as "Fin".

I’m excited that “Fin” will be premièring in Toronto next week ahead of its September ‘Festival Tour’ run. “Fin” was just announced as an official selection of the 18th Annual Temecula Valley Int’l Film & Music Festival in California.

From the website:

“Fin is the story of undiagnosed mental illness. It is the story of a man spiralling into the depths of insanity and desperately trying to hide it from the rest of the world. As it becomes harder to hide he is forced to confront the mysterious interloper that pervades his mind.”

I wish great things for this project as everyone involved was super passionate about making it!

Adam Booth went through an amazing transformation to become Fin.” © 2014 you+me (by permission)

Director Dan Slater sets the scene. (L to R) Derek Herd, Dan Slater, Myranda Jade & Samuel Earle (of Degrassi fame). © 2014 you+me (by permission)

Derek Herd in “Fin”. © 2014 you+me (by permission)

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Only In America

This blog would have made more sense if it was posted July 4th but ironically I have been too busy tying up loose ends before I head to the USA for a stretch. I am one of those people lucky enough to consider themselves both Canadian and American… and I proudly love both countries equally.

Being a duel ‘North American’ (as I like to call myself) and having friends on both sides of the border, I have always delighted in the stereotypes that both countries have of one another. Especially because I have always felt we are one in the same… a carbon copy “Global Village”.

There are subtle differences of course; but even within each respective country greater extremes can be found. For example let’s examine speech and dialect. Most of my American friends think Canadians have a proper accent; one that is dramatically different from their own. However compare the accent of a Californian and a Louisianan. The same is true in Canada; contrast an Ontarian to a Labradorian accent. So does a Torontonian really sound that much different than a New Yorker?

Some differences are a result of the governing body and the agencies that enforce the laws. Certain drugs you can buy off the shelf in Mexico require a prescription in the USA. The very same drug may be banned in Canada and get you prison time.

When I was child, the difference I looked forward to the most in the USA was the shopping.

I find it amusing that Americans don’t fully understand why Canadians love shopping in the States. There are deals to be had for sure, especially if you live on a border town. But the real reason Canadians love shopping Stateside is to find those delicious treasures and treats that you can only find in the US. America does junk food better than any other country on the planet – hands down.

When I was a child and travelling to the States with my family, on our first night in the US we would always go to the grocery store and load up on snacks and treats for the trip. I would delight in every aisle, nook and cranny of whichever grocery store we landed at (usually “Tops” or “Wegmans”). After that I knew shopping at ‘Media Play’ and ‘Big Lots’ was not far off. The whole religious experience was capped off by a sit down at “Bob Evans” to rest and of course to eat.

I haven’t finished packing yet but I am getting excited for the shopping to come. My kids are already hooked on the US shopping experience, they rarely let me go Stateside without them now for that very reason. However there is so much USA my kids have yet to discover. They can’t wait for their “Carl’s Jr. Hand-Scooped Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich” however little do they know they are about take their first bite of a “Big Boy” sandwich and drive through their first “Sonic” restaurant. Here are a few of my favourite and curious “Only In America” items, enjoy!

When I saw the now famous 'South Park' episode that tackles childhood obesity; I honestly thought that "Candy Corn Oreos" were a clever Trey Parker / Matt Stone gag. I was wrong.

"DQ Blizzard Oreos" 'Nuff said! Strawberry Milkshake Creme... wow!

11lb. Tub of Nutella. Yep.

1.6lb Chupa Chup Lollipop. That is a weapon... not a candy.

I thought the Oreos were bad news...

Mint M&Ms Maybe... Raspberry M&Ms???

If you wanted something healthier than "Candy Corn M&Ms"...

You Guessed it... a blue "Redbox".

If the regular "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" was not sweet enough for you... I have good news.

Better than it sounds... especially when mixed with "Frosted Toast Crunch".

Anything "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" can do...

Ever seen Cereal Feed Bags?

Pancakes & Sausage a la Corn Dog. Now that is convenient!

More coming soon!



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POMPEII Now Available On DVD!

Jean Frenette, Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures

Jean Frenette, Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures

Not only was I fortunate enough to be a part of Paul W. S. Anderson’s recreation of 79 AD “Pompeii” but I had a chance to visit the true site in 2002. Walking around in the unearthed city was truly equal parts eerie and awe inspiring. Peeking into the active workshop where artifacts are still being recovered, I could see some of the plaster cast human and animal hollows created by the pyroclastic surge that entombed an entire city, preserving it frozen in time.

Paul W. S. Anderson did an amazing job and painstakingly recreated the city of “Pompeii”. It felt right and looked great on film.

Derek Herd in "Pompeii" 2002. Photo (c) David Robinson 2002

"Temple of Jupiter"

A photo I took of the remains of the “Temple of Jupiter”. This is where Kit Harrington and Keifer Sutherland's climactic battle takes place in the movie “Pompeii”. Mount Vesuvius looms ominously in the distance. Photo (c) Derek Herd 2002

The streets of "Pompeii" preserved in time.

The streets of "Pompeii" preserved in time. Photo (c) Derek Herd 2002

Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures

An active workshop where artefacts are still being recovered in Pompeii. Photo (c) Derek Herd 2002


Jean Frenette, Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures

Jean Frenette, Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures


Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures

Dylan Schombing & Derek Herd in POMPEII. Photo © 2014 Sony Pictures

Pompeii DVD Case

Pompeii DVD now on sale!

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Why Are They Called ‘CONS’?

I just figured out why they are called ‘Cons’…. my daughter has conned me into going to another one today. 80′s ToyCon here we com!

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Never Mind Rob Ford And The Playoffs! Stop The Presses! Churros Now Available At Taco Bell!

New Taco Bell Churros! 'Nuff Said!

How did I miss this? Churros are now available at Taco Bell Restaurants of Canada. Go have one and see why I am so crazy about them… I used to buy these by the dozen off scab covered street kids in Mexico… this is how good they are. Now if McDonald’s only made Jambalaya and King’s Cake my life would be complete!
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Fortune Cookies – You’re Doing It Wrong! Part III

Evil Fortune Cookies Part III

You know what… F U Fortune Cookie!

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What Says ‘Pop Culture’ More Than Waffle Taco?

Taco Bell's new 'Waffle Taco'

Taco Bell's new 'Waffle Taco'

We all know that McDonald’s is breakfast king in North America; but I love when another savvy competitor comes along and they show their moxy. A few years ago Tim Horton’s went guns blazing after McDonald’s breakfast sandwich market and McDonald’s fired back and launched McCafe. Tim Horton’s has recently introduced hash browns to their menu and so the war carries on. The latest fast food giant throwing their hat into the ring kind of surprised me a little… Taco Bell! In a few weeks, U.S. Taco Bell stores will launch a new breakfast menu as well as open stores earlier in the morning. Are you ready for the Waffle Taco? They will also offer an ‘AM Crunchwrap’, a ‘Bacon and Egg Burrito’ and last but not least the ‘Sausage Flatbread Melt’ – a cheese covered sausage patty wrapped in a flatbread then grill pressed… that actually sounds pretty good I hate to admit. But their aspirations didn’t stop there; Taco bell also plans on adding coffee to their menu at the same time. So I guess it is no surprise that Starbucks announced they will be launching their new breakfast sandwiches this week. McDonald’s already has the Breakfast Burrito… so I am guessing McQuesadilla is not far away? Speaking of Quesadillas… Taco Bell is also launching the ‘Quesarito’; take a burrito and wrap it lovingly inside a quesadilla and there you go. Put back a few of these bad boys and you’ll run for something, I’m not sure it’s the border though.

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Daily Sketch Triptych

2014 Daily Sketch Triptych

Daily Sketch Triptych by Draake Herd (c) 2014

Here are three more daily sketches. I rarely have a continuous theme when I do daily sketches but I enjoyed it here and will do it more often. The middle sketch is in honour of Dennis Robinson; my best friend’s father who recently passed away. He once remarked that he could always spot my artwork right away… “It always has an insect in it.” I never forgot that observation and he was in my thoughts that day.

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First Sketch of The New Year

Draake Herd's Daily Sketch - January 1st 2014

Draake Herd's Daily Sketch - January 1st 2014

My New Year’s resolution? Pick up the pencil EVERY day for at least five minutes. Sounds easy enough… but last year I wasn’t even close and I am embarrassed about that. One thing that I enjoy most about looking at my finished work and the work of other artists? Comparing the thumbnails versus the final product. Sometimes I enjoy the thumbnails more than the final result. I think they are elegantly simple, they tell a story and show the creative choices the artist took on the road to the final work. They must be viewed with the final product however or they aren’t nearly as interesting. So that said here was the thumbnail I did for this sketch on the back of an envelope.

Thumbnail for Draake Herd's Daily Sketch - January 1st 2014

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