So… Who Am I?

I guess I should say a word or two about who I am.

Thirty something, living large in the ‘burbs of Toronto, Canada.

What can I possibly say, how does one sum up the first half of their life to such a broad and unknown audience? In such a short space too?

Of myself I say that I have not changed much really. That is to say that I feel the same inside as I did twenty years ago and only my age and belt size has increased.

I have always been creative and I have had many successes. My illustration and work has been shown and published world-wide. My furniture designs custom or otherwise span the globe. I have blessed the world with my design concepts and they are here forever.

I love to write but I spell like shit. I seem to have more to say these days, and I am less nervous about saying it. Lucky for me technology has accelerated past my capability to spell the word BEAUTY however it still can’t help me use the correct Homonyms were there needed. (Yes – was intentional.) I fill my time writing page upon page. I have so many pages, albums and piles of loose pages and scribbles.

So many albums of art work too. I consider myself a multimedia artist. I love exploring all creative outlets. I mainly work with acrylics, airbrush, photography, marker, computers, water colors, silkscreen, pencil and installation. My style incorporates many of the above media into a final work of art. My work deals with contemporary issues. I seldom let my own emotion and opinion factor into the final result. In most cases, I present a strong opposition to my own beliefs. Some issues that re-occur in my work are; concerns with pop culture, the notion of art, censorship, voyeurism and consumerism. Underlying (in an almost subliminal manner) in most of my work is the concept of ‘religion’. Some of my ideas come to me in my dreams. I have an obsessive personal interest with the subconscious mind. In a world that is supposed to be so advanced, so little is known about closing your eyes and surrendering to your other inner being. My influences are; Andrew Warhola, Charles Bukowski, Larry Rivers, Robert Raushenberg, Leonardo Da Vinci and advertising companies all over the world.

My work has been on display in many galleries; including The Art Gallery of Ontario. The night of The Art Gallery of Ontario show opening; an Andy Warhol exhibit was running in an adjacent gallery. That made me happy.

Lately I have been dabbling in comic books. I have always read them but now I getting into the writing and drawing end of it… seems only natural actually. I have many stories I am getting ready to unleash upon the world… stay tuned.

I love acting. I love entertaining. I love all aspects that go into the production of a motion picture. Most importantly I am a fan, I love being entertained just as much.

I am pretty arrogant; however I am more patient with stupid people these days.

I always have ten thousand things on the go and rarely stay focused enough to complete something from start to

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