‘The Blacklist’ Worth a Second Look

The Blacklist promo poster. (c) 2013 Sony Pictures Television

I’m pretty sure the pitch meeting sounded something like this: “It is SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets SEVEN.” “Throw in some COVERT AFFAIRS and you have yourself a deal.

Heck I would go as far as calling some of the scenes in the pilot plagiarism. However the performances of James Spader as the ultra intelligent protagonist and Megan Boone as the eager FBI agent make this worth a second watch. Spader is excellent at his craft and he owns this character from frame one. Let’s hope the writers give them some original and intelligent material to work with for future episodes.

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One Response to ‘The Blacklist’ Worth a Second Look

  1. Claudia Mendieta says:

    Ok, I love James Spader since he came out in Pretty in Pink… and he’s an amazing actor… his role in the Blacklist is captivating
    I can watch the Blacklist episodes over and over again… I can’t say that about many shows…

    this show is worth it… !!

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